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April 1,  2008 Canada and China to Form One Country !!!

Incredible.  I never thought it could happen.  Talks that have been kept secret for several years were finally made public today with Canadian Premiere Stephen Harper's announcement that China and Canada hope to one day merge into a giant "super country",  creating what will be by far the largest country in the world. News of this plan was greeted with enthusiasm on both sides of the Pacific.

Debate is now raging in both Ottawa and Beijing over the name of the new country,  which for the moment is being called Chinada in English and 中国大 (Zhong Guo Da ) in Chinese,  with many calling for an entirely new name for the new country. 

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Candada   China / 中国   Chinada  / 中国大

"Of course there will be problems setting this up,"  Harper said,  stressing that the idea is still under discussion and is not a fait accompli, "But this would at least let us get out from under the thumb of the Americans."

President Hu Jintao commented: "In this day of globalization,  borders make as much sense as a wall around a city.  They are out of date.  The union of Canada and China into one country is the way of the future.  We hope someday to join with America,  Russia,  Australia,  South American and African nations and the EEC as well.  The One China policy is a thing of the past.  We now see it as a One World policy."

Canadians worry that they might be getting the worst of this deal.  After all,  China has a huge population and monster economy compared to Canada.  "We'll be outvoted on every issue," Vancouver man on the street, Stanley Parke, was quoted as saying in today's Vancouver Sun.  But his girlfriend,  Donna Hampstead-Wang,  thinks it's a great idea.  "There are already so many Chinese here in Canada.  Why not make it official?   Uniting the second and third largest countries in the world is just an awesome idea. We can be the biggest,  most powerful,  most influential country in history. Nobody else will even come close."

The Sun newspaper went on to say that most Americans seem to be against the idea,  if not completely horrified by the prospect of a united Canada and China.  "Canada and America have always been friends and allies," said George W. Bush, "But this could really change things."

I see it as a win win situation.  China can tap into Canada's huge store of natural resources,  and Canada can get some much needed population and serious international clout.  Ruth and I wouldn't need to go to Shanghai to renew our passports.

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