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Are you Ready for Chinese Handwriting?
originally posted January 06, 2010

Wang Yijing, our Chinese teacher, wrote this message on our whiteboard.  He told us that this is a sample of Chinese hand writing, and he even claimed that it could be read by any Chinese person.  Could have fooled me.

Chinese hand writing: 新春  愉快 (xīn chūn y kui - "beginning of Spring happy")

We tested this assertion on our Chinese friends.  They could actually read it, and added the line of character below the scribble.   Much to our amazement.  

 新春  愉快 (xīn chūn y kui - "beginning of Spring happy") on our whiteboard.  Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Both the scribble and the characters below it say 新春  愉快 (xīn chūn y kui - "beginning of Spring happy")
Can you see the characters in the scribble?  I can, but I'd never be able to "in the wild".

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