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Picture:  The surprising covered pedestrian bridge over the canal in downtown Wuxi, China
Someday I really must investigate this surprising bridge and find out what it connects to what. 
It's near the train station in downtown Wuxi.

I'm Going to Be a TEDster
originally posted June 08, 2011

Ruth and I are both huge TED fans. We watch a couple of TED talks almost every evening.   If you are not familiar with these short presentations, you are missing out on some of the most inspirational and informative lectures on the Internet.  Click on this link and check them out. 
     TED invites the cutting edge speakers from all disciplines to give a short (five minutes to half an hour) talk about what they are up to.  And what they are up to is impressive.  We've learned about wiping out smallpox world wide an amazing achievement of humanity that took an international volunteer effort and visited every single house in India twice.  We learned about scientists using lasers to track flying mosquitoes, measure their wing beats, and blow them out of the air with a blast of laser energy if they are judged dangerous - part of the effort to combat malaria.  We learned about researchers using biomimicry to make robots that can climb vertical walls. So many inspiring talks, great ideas, amazing accomplishments, accomplished people.  People who are changing our world.

Picture:  Bill Gates at TED.  I don't think he'll make it to TEDxWuxi though. Picture:  The TED lightbulb.  Ideas Worth Spreading Picture:  Chris Anderson, presenter of TED, but not TEDx.  Someday...

And now I've been invited to speak on a TED stage.  Yes, I know TEDxWuxi is not the same as the big convention where you can bump into my heroes like James Randi or Al Gore.  But anything associated with TED is a big deal for me.  I'm honoured.  And a bit intimidated.
      I must get to work on my talk.

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