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Into the Next Decade
originally posted January 06, 2010

Anybody who is bored in this world just isn't paying attention.  Blasphemy is now illegal in Ireland, with a 25,000 Euro fine for intentionally upsetting any religious group.  The Irish atheists are fuming.  Atheist Ireland published a list of 25 blasphemous quotes. What fun.
I note with some pleasure that religion doesn't seem to get a lot of respect on my corner of the Internet.  Here's a recent Abstruse Goose web comic that pokes gentle fun at the believers.

Abtruse Goose reprinted without permission.  So check out this webcomic, just to justify this theft.

This prompted quite a few comments from a user group I belong to, including these:

      > Is that what they hear when we explain our world view?

       >I doubt if itís as simple as that. I imagine some religious type might have that sort of reaction, 
         but Iím sure not most, and then there are probably some atheists out there who have
         comparable reactions when a religious person talks about their perspective.

And that inspired me to put together my own comic, with apologies to Abstruse Goose and the late George Carlin.  Call this an homage.

My usual over-reaction to an expression of religiosity.  Unwarranted, I know, but it's what I hear.

When I was a teenager, many adults got very upset at seeing a boy with long hair or an ear ring.  Some of them, including my father on occasion, got violently upset.  Personally I think freedom of expression includes the right to upset people.  Especially when people are irrationally touchy.  Blasphemy is NOT a hate crime.  The word does not belong in the law books of any modern nation.

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