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My Shanghai Violin and Viola
- From the hands of a master craftsman

Speaking of Viola

Two years ago I bought my Burmese bird's eye maple violin from the violin maker in Shanghai.  I love that instrument, probably more for its looks than its sound.  Last Sunday we did a day trip into Shanghai to help our friend Marion find a case and bow for her violin in Australia. So we went to the same shop where I bought my violin and there, on the rack, was a Burmese maple viola.  I fell instantly in love with it's deep rich tone, but I would have bought it just for its looks.  So now I have a matched set of violin and viola.  Does life get better than this?

My favourite master violin maker, Shanghai, China.

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Here are a few pictures from our day in Shanghai.

Our Australian friend Marion in the antigue market, Shanghai, China

                Marion with her new violin case.   

Worlds most elegant portapotties.

 We're pretty sure it was a sheep. Muslim meat market in Shanghai, China.
A Muslim meat market in Shanghai.  Interesting deboning happening.

I've had many occasions when I regretted not stopping here and buying some tallow. It's very hard to find in Wuxi, and I need it to make leather dressing and platting paste when I make my bullwhips.

The pet market in Shanghai, China.  Lots of variety but no snakes.
Everything from crickets to parrots, but no snakes.

This prehistoric beast was not for sale.  Pet market in Shanghai, China First time I've seen a chinchilla in a pet store.  I used to have one when I was a kid.  Long story.

The Chinese seem to be very fond of turtles. This prehistoric critter was for display only.  Not for sale.

This is a chinchilla.  I had one as a pet when I was a pre-teen but I've never seen one in a pet store.

   Shanghai barber at work on the street.  Shanghai, China.  The very definition of low overhead.
A barber at work in Shanghai.  Very low overhead.

A display of serious concentration.  Shanghai Peoples Square, China
Kung Fu in People Square, Shanghai.

After wandering through the Shanghai pet market and antique street with Marion, we ended the day having dinner with Marion and two of our favourite students from our classes at Harbin University in Weihai.  Jenny and Simon were seniors when we taught in Weihai.  After graduation they moved to Shanghai.  They recently married, and showed off a book of wedding pictures that were simply amazing.

Former students Jenny and Simon, now married and working in Shanghai.
Former students, Jenny and Simon, now married and living in Shanghai.  Congratulations.

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