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Schrödinger's Cat Made Politically Correct
originally posted May 4, 2010

A relative of mine, tender soul, gave me a blast when I told her about Schrödinger's cat, the classic thought experiment that highlighted the strange nature of quantum superpositions.  She was offended and angry that anybody would think of doing that to a cat, and refused to calm down about it even after I explained that this is a famous "thought experiment" and that nobody has EVER proposed actually doing it.  Now, to anybody who grew up with a science education, this is very funny.  But I've been thinking about it.  That IS a terrible thing to do to a cat. 

Schrödinger's "diabolical mechanism", no longer politially correct.  No real cats were harmed in the making of this illustration. 
Schrödinger's Cat

 An answer to Schrödinger for cat lovers everywhere.  No cat.
David's Card

So I propose revising the thought experiment, and replacing the cat with a white card.  If the radioactive particle is generated by the tiny amount of radioactive substance, it releases a spray can of paint that colours the card black.   Until one looks in the box, we must consider the card to be BOTH white AND black. 
Let's call this revision David's Card.  Somehow I don't think it will gain the fame of Schrödinger's Cat, but it does have the advantage of being totally PC.

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