Wang Ai Xia (Lucia)


English Writing


An introduction to my family


My family is a small one as there are only three people in my family. They are my parents and I. We live in a rather small house in the country of a small city named Dong Tai in Jiangsu Province. Though we had only 3 small rooms and we donít have much money, we lead a happy life. Because we together face different situations whether it is hard or happy. We love each other deeply. When we are together, I donít feel scared.

My father is now sixty-two years old. He is very tall and he is the head of my family. He makes money for our family. When I was a child, I felt t very unhappy about him, because he was much older than my classmatesí fathers and he didnít buy me beautiful clothes and toys. Once one of my classmates laughed at his age and asked me to call him grandfather. I fought with him and my father hit me for the first time also the last time. I cried seriously and didnít talk to him until he said sorry to me. But I wonít think so any more, because I know he is a great dad, much greater than some of my classmatesí fathers. I admire him very much. Those fathers buy whatever they want, but on the contrary, my dad gives me whatever he has. Whatís more, he teaches me many things, such as to be strong-willed facing difficulties, and he teaches me how to be a good person, which is much more important than beautiful clothes and toys. And now he tries his best to pay for my fee by doing hard work. He does more than he can for me. Thatís enough. He is over 60 now and he is not strong any more with poor eyesight. I always worry about his health and his safety. Because he has to work as a coolie and he has to work in high position. About 3 years ago, he fell down from a leader and broke his foot and he had to keep to bed for 2 months. He suffered much because of it. Whenever I think of this, I feel very sad. All our neighbors like and respect him very much because my father is helpful and generous. I hope that my father can be health and live long.

My mother is an ordinary Chinese woman, but she is a great mother. She didnít receive any education and she even canít write her own name. The reason is that my grandparents were too poor and they thought there was no need to send girls to school. As a result, my mother doesnít have any useful skills to make s life other than being a farmer. So she puts much importance on my receiving education and she is very strict with my study. My mother is good at doing farming work. Also, she does well in doing household. Our house is small, but it is always clean and tidy. Our neighbors like visiting our home. My mother cooks very well. In order to provide me with a good education, she collects every coin, as possible as she can. She likes beautiful clothes, but she doesnít want to spend on it. She doesnít buy new clothes for the Spring Festival. However, she is willing to give much pocket money to me no matter when I asked for it or how much I asked for. My mother is kind to everybody, even to a beggar. She likes talking and laughs loudly. She is very easygoing. People like making friends with her. She is 50 now. Her health is rather poor and she suffers much from the diseases. Since I was a child, I want to a doctor so that I can free her from these diseases. But now, I major in English Education and I wonít be able to a doctor forever. Thatís really a pity.

I am twenty-one now. But I still canít be independent in economy. How I wish I could make a living by myself so that my parents wonít have to work so hard. I want to get a good job in the future. And I want to make my parents spend their remaining life in happiness, which is my biggest dream in my whole life. Now I have tried to make some money by myself. For example, I didnít go home this National Day and I did tutor for 3 days. And I get 200 yuan for my work. Though it is very little, it can provide me dinner for half a month. And I borrowed money from the Bank of China. I will give back the money by myself. In peopleís eyes, I am a surprising girl. I am introverted by nature. But when I stay with my friends, I become very active. However, I donít like speaking in public and I am too shy to make friends with strangers. Sometimes I am very confident, but sometimes I am not brave at all. But I like making friends. I like reading, listening to music and sleeping.

This is my family. Though it is small and not rich, yet it is full of warmth. I love it and I wonít allow anybody or any strength to destroy it. I hope we there can live happily forever.


The first day of the National Day


Today is the the first day of the National Day. I got up very early as I had to catch the bus to do the tutor. At first, everything seemed good. Then trouble came. The No.77 Bus was too crowed foe me to get in. I had to wait for another bus for about ten minutes. Still, it was crowed, too. Then I got down at a wrong stop and I had to walk for twenty minutes to get No.60 Bus. However, I waited for half an hour. But it still didnít come. As I had promised to get Hu Keís home at nine, I thought it would be late. So I made a call to Ms.Hu. To my surprise, she cancelled it and asked me to come in October 3. I felt very angry, but I couldnít say a word. All my plan was destroyed. Before the holiday, I decided to teach Hu Ke for the first 3 days and then I went home. But now I know I wonít be able to go home. I felt very sad and it was really an unlucky day. 


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