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Seder in China? Who'da thunk it?
originally posted April 9, 2009

Ah,  life is full of such unexpected surprises.  (The language police should get me for that one. If the surprises were expected they wouldn't be surprises.) I never thought I'd be joining a group for a delightful Seder here in China. 

Elaine,  our host for the Seder meal,  Jiangnan University,  Wuxi,  China   Showing off my home made kippah,  cut from knit fabric,  stiffened with sugar water, and dried over GouGou's basketball.  Looked like the real thing.

The assembled guests for a Seder,  Jiangnan University,  Wuxi,  China.
                                                                                               photos by Terry Forget

I made myself a kippah (yarmulke) for the event. Elaine, our host, introduced us all to the traditions of the Passover meal,  and sang the traditional songs.  Sang beautifully in authentic Hebrew,  I should add.  She had to make a few substitutions for the meal,  which would explain why the traditional lamb tasted a lot like chicken.  I had far more than the traditional four glasses of wine,  more like the lion's share of four bottles I think.  What a delightful evening.  Thanks,  Elaine.

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