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Landon in Singapore

From Landon October 10, 2010

Dear David,
Recently I have begun my classes and have been endeavouring to adjust myself to academic environment of NTU.  And also I have collected a few pictures most of which are inside NTU campus. I am really happy you gave me a page in your website. This time maybe some of those picutures are nice and can be put in that page.

picture:  Nanyang University Graduate Hall at dusk.  Singapore. picture:  Nanyang University Graduate Hall sign.  Singapore.
graduate hall in dusk & GH board

 picture:  View from Nanyang University Graduate Hall eighth floor.  Singapore
& view from 8 floor:

I moved to Graduate Hall after the YOG. This hall is acutally more like remote because there are no shops, only one small canteen. All aroud it are some bus stations and the rest are acutally the green lands, small hills and a forest on the other side. So you can imagine how quiet it is. Acutually we could not adapt here until half a month's adjusting. I took this picuture in dusk. Maybe it can further show the quietness of GH. The second picture is the board in front of GH. And the third one is a view from my room window. Those are undergraduate halls, all are not tall, with red roofs.

picture:  Northern gate to Nanyang Technological University.
northern gate:

As GH is almost the northern most part of NTU, so it is near the northern gate. The other day I walked several minutes to take a photo of this gate. In Singapore most posters have more than one languages. Maybe this is because Singapore has may foreigners. Now I know the four languages in this picuture, first line is English, second line is Malay, it is so like English. Third line is Traditional Chinese. Fourth one is Hindi (I'm not quite sure.) Once an Indian guy told me there are up to 23 official languages in India. It is not like in China, despite many dialects, but the language is unified. The 23 languages in India are different languages. This is amazing to me!

picture:  Protected area sign near Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
northern protection area:

This place is also near GH. The other day I walked in the northern direction but encountered this slogan which stopped me. Acutally there are many other such slogan as danger areas. It is said there are really wild animals in those areas. And I am suprised this small city country can keep many wild areas which are still natural. The purpose may be to protect the environment and the climate will be more comfortable for local citizens.

Picture:  Eastern gate to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
eastern gate:

This is another gate of NTU in the east. I am not sure is it can be called as gate. It is impossible to find out a tall gate in universities of Singapore. And this is different from Chinese university. Like Jiangnan University, the gate is so big and tall. Maybe this is because of different styles of culture.

picture:  Yunnan Garden, Singapore  picture:  Yunnan Garden, Singapore
yunnan garden & yunnan garden 2:

yunnan garden is in the northern most part of NTU. I feel the scenery is beautiful but a little hot when in the garden under sunshine. The four Chinese characters "自强不息" inspires students of NTU even by generations.

Picture:  Nanyang arch, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore Picture:  Plaque on Nanyang arch, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
nanyang arch & on the arch

Picture:  Monument on campus of Nanyang University, Singapore
& momument:

I saw a picture of this nanyang arch two years ago on the internet when I was studying in Jiangnan University. Now I can take photo of that scenic point myself. The other photo is a momument of the university construction. Those are all in Yunnan garden. It is said NTU was derived and developed from Yunnan garden.

Picture:  Eastern coast of Singapore
eastern coast

Picture: Landon in front of the law library at National University of Singapore
& NUS:

These two pictures were taken when I went out. Since Singapore is small, it is convenient to travel from western of Singapore to eastern coast by MRT. Compared with Sentosa, I think eastern is not as beautiful as Sentosa. But eastern very is very long and spacious. It is very good for strolling along the coast. The other was taken when I went to National University of Singapore. I went there for visiting my high school classmate who is right now studying in NUS. This is in front of Law School Library.

I think there are many parts of NTU or Singapore I have not taken pictures yet. Because the study pressure is high, I don't often go out. And maybe next time I will take some photos of my class. The lecture rooms, the professors. we have professors from Singapore, China and India. This means, we get either Singlish, Chiglish or inglish everyday. Actually I still think Singlish is most difficult to understand. Though I don't like Singlish because it is not so standard English. But in this country and this language environment, I have no other choice but adjusting. It is like a Chinese saying: 入乡随俗
(r xiāng su s = enter countryside follow customs = When in Rome, do as the Romans do. - 大大卫 ). So, still, I have to practice listening.

How about your Chinese learning. Since there are so many Chinese student around, you can learn a lot of Chinese every day. And I hope you can learn and improve at the most speed ^_^

And another language question I want to ask you: in the picture "GH board", I call it as board. But I always feel it's like wrong. Are there any other way that I can discribe it more properly.

My response to this question:

Dear Landon:

Thanks for the pictures.

You wrote...

> And another language question I want to ask you: in the picture "GH board", I call it as board. But I always feel it's like wrong. Are there any other way that I can discribe it more properly.

Yes, we would call that the GH sign. Or the GH plaque, though to make this clear we might make it the G H identification plague. Sign is probably the best word. Usually we reserve the word "board" for things like blackboards 黑板, white boards, floor boards (though we don't speak of floor boards when we speak of a finished floor. It then becomes flooring as in "The house has oak flooring in every room." even though flooring is made of individual boards) , or the raw materials that will go into a building - the boards - as in "He cut the board too short." It's interesting. A car has a floorboard, even though they are no longer made of wood like they were in the first cars. As in the phrase: "The car is in good shape except the floorboards have rusted out."

Thanks again for the pictures and the update.

All the best


So I will stop here. And I will write to you again as things develop to me or I get new photos of NTU and Singapore.

Best Regards!



From Landon on August 28, 2010

Dear David,

I am very happy that you recommended Facebook to me. I will register in facebook website, and I am sure this will let me learn a lot of new things afterwards.

As for the letter, I feel it will be my great pleasure if you post it on your website. And I am visiting my campus and scenic spots outside campus lately. I have collected many photos. I would like to send them to you and will be happy to share those photos with all the reads of your website.

Attached is a file of all the photos I would like to sent to you. I also would like to make some descriptions of those pictures. If you choose some of them that you think good, and put them on your website, I will be very happy.

Descriptions of pictures:

picture:  bus to The first Youth Olympic Games, Singapore.

buses for YOG: The first Youth Olympic Games was held in Singapore during 14 Aug.~26 Aug. And Some athletes and spectators were living in graduate halls of our campus during that time. So I could often see those buses.

picture: canteen 2, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

canteen 2: There are many canteens inside campus. I feel the environment is really good. And there are many kinds of food from Southeast Asia. But anyway I still want to eat Chinese food most.

picture: ISC: International student center, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

ISC: International student center. There will be many activities for international students in Sep. And I would like to join then.

picture: Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

lecture theatre: Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre. I think it is like the NO.1 & NO.2 teaching buildings in Jiangnan University.

picture: library, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  picture: library, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore picture: library,  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

library: This is one of libraries of NTU specially for engineering students. I have to say the facilities there are really great. There are some big touch screens in the 3rd level. Students can browse STRAITS TIMES in front of the screen. I tried for one time. It is actually more like a real newspaper rather than just a webpage. On the 5th floor is the quiet zone. It is for self study and also there are many books to refer to.

picture: auditorium, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

nanyang auditorium: A beautiful building. I haven't entered there and have no much idea of this building. But I think it serve the purpose as 文浩馆 does in Jiangnan University.

picture: undergraduate halls,  Nanyang Technological University, Singapore  picture: outside Landon's room, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

undergraduate halls & outside my room: I am temporarily living in undergraduate hall and will move to graduate hall in 29 Aug. The style of undergraduate halls of residence are all with red roof. As this campus is built on a mountain and the builders retained the landform, so all halls are in different height levels. And there is always uphill roads and downhill roads inside campus.

picture: Student services center, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

student services center: There are graduate studies office, finacial office and many other offices in SSC.

picture: student walk, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

students walk: I don't know what it is called. I named it as "student walk" because it is specially designed for foot passengers. It separates us from cars on the road, prevents rains and protects us from exposure under the strong sunshine. And what makes me most appreciate it is that it actually stretches to almost every point of campus. I can walk to Student Sevices Center directly from my room by this student walk.

picture: Electrical and Electronic Engineering building, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

triple E: school of Electrical & Electronic Engineering. This is the school my programme (control & automation) belonged to. Maybe I will go there to do some experiments in the future.

picture: Imbiah lookout, Singapore

Imbiah Lookout: I went to Sentosa yesterday, a world famous tourism area. And this picture was taken on the top mountain of Imbiah, a part of Sentosa area.

picture: southernmost point in Asia, Singapore

southern most of Asia: I was excited when I got to an small island and saw "the southern most point of continental Asia".

I haven't begun my classes until 31 Aug. So I don't have any picutures about what the lectures are like. I am looking forward to the classes, though English lectures will be a littile difficult for me during the initial stage.

Yeah, I have been to your website lately, and read the story how you met in China, and how you graudally became lovers. I have to say the articles are much more beautiful and attrcting than those essay I read before. You tell us how Ruth gradually changed your mind because of her perfectness. Ruth tells us how you met with each other for the first time--A coincidence, but more like what the God has arranged for you. This makes me think of a Chinese words: 缘分 (yunfn* n. ①predestined affinity ②〈Budd.〉 destiny ed.). I am really moved by your love story. And best wishes for both Ruth and you!

I've been here for about half a month already. And I am sure there will be a lot of new things to learn. I would like to write to you when I encounter new and interesting things in the future.

Agian best wishes for both Ruth and you!


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