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(Updated November 7/07 see bottom of page)

Dear David:

I remember last Friday when you called the roll.  I have some phrases
that you can use when you do that.

When you find that many students don't come to your class, you can say: 

请   班  长   通  知  同 学 们,   下 节 课 我 将 点 名。
qǐng bānzhǎng tōngzhī tngxumen,xi ji k wǒ jiāng diǎn mng。

Please monitor    inform   students,      next class I  will call the roll.

In this sentence, 同学们 and 下节课 are phrases, so don't be confused when
you meet 节 (ji), it is just a measure word (MW).

In China, there are many such words, for instance, 一条鱼 (yī tio y, a fish),一碗饭 (yī wǎn fn, a bowl of rice),一本书 (yī běn shū, a book),一辆车 (yī ling chē, a bike);条, 碗, 本 and 辆 are all measure words.  But they are all concrete measure words, and in 一点水(y diǎn shuǐ, some water), 点 is just a abstract measure word, and you cannot say how much the water is.

When you see someone is late, and running into your classroom hurriedly, you can say:

你 迟 到 了。
nǐ chdo le.
You late GW.

When you say this sentence, you can have a smile. Then the student will
feel guilty that he is late. At least, if it is me, I will feel guilty.

In this sentence,了is just a grammatical word (GW), and it has no meaning.

When you are calling the name, and you find that there's nobody to
reply to you calling, then you can ask:

某   某  在 吗? 某  某  来 了 吗 ?
mǒu mǒu zi ma?mǒu mǒu li le ma ?

Someone here?  Someone come here?  吗 is a grammatical word that makes a statement into a question.

In the process of the roll-calling, you can use the name instead of 某某.In China, we use 某 when we are not sure about something,  just like 某人 (mǒurn, someone),某物 (mǒuw, something),
某天 (mǒutiān, someday) and so on.

If there are many students who whisper to each other, you can say:

请     不  要   讲     话,  请    保    持 安 静。
qǐng b yo jiǎng hu,qǐng bǎo ch ān jng。

Please do not speak,    please keep quiet.

But sometimes it doesn't have any effects, then you can even say:

不 然   我   要  发 火 了。
b rn wǒ yo fā huǒ le。

Or         I    become  angry.

When you feel that what you have to do is boring, you can say:

这   太 无   聊 了。
zh ti w lio le。

This too tedious GW.

Instead of using

这 太 乏 味 了。
zh ti f wi le。 (Which is what you said and we didn't understand you.  This isn't used in our daily life or in conversation. It is too formal.)

I hope these phrases which can be used in class will help you learn Chinese.


Sha Haiyan



I want to ask you a question about the difference between western and eastern.

Do you often say "thank you "when someone makes you a favor, and whoever he is, even he is your family?
Because to the Chinese it seems odd to say "xie xie" to someone who you are familiar with, and they will say

你 太 客 气 了。
nǐ  ti  k  qi  le。

You too polite.  (Which means you're so polite that others dare not to approach you.)

My response to this question:  It would never occur to us to criticise somebody for being too polite, or suggest that others would not approach you because you are too polite.  In the west,  children are taught to always say please and thank you.  These are the "magic words" and if a child asks for something,  even from a family member,  without saying please he/she is liable to hear, "What's the magic word?"

That said,  there are a couple of cartoon characters, chipmunks in fact,  who make a joke out of being scrupulously courteous to each other,  even under pressing danger.  For example,  they might be chased by the cat but will still go into an elaborate argument about who should go through the door first.  "After you.",  "Oh no,  I insist.  After you." All of this with much hand gesturing and bowing to each other.  (Of course,  pushing past somebody to go through a door before them is very rude,  and it is considered courteous to hold back and usher somebody else through ahead of you.)  But that of course was just to be funny.
Thank you again for your lesson.  Now that we have the format worked out,  I think I can learn very quickly.

And now here are these phrases without the pinyin.  If you are anything like me,  you can't look at Chinese characters when the pinyin is underneath them.  I must wean myself off the pinyin,  and I think the way to do it is to only give the pinyin for the character the first time it appears in these lessons.  After that,  I should remember the character.

请 班长通知同学们,下节课 我 将 点 名。

你 迟到了。

某 某  在 吗?某 某 来了吗 ?







你太 客气了。

Dear David,



    今天    看  了   你 和 RUTH    博客,写    得      很     精彩。  我  也  开始

wǒ  jīntiān kn  le     nǐ h Ruth    de  bk,  xiě   de     hěn jīngcǎi.    wǒ yě  kāishǐ

I     today   read GW  you and Ruths   blog, write GW very excellent.   I  too begin 


喜欢     你们的       狗狗       了。

xǐhuān nǐmende  xiǎogǒugou  le.

 like       your         little  dog   GW


In Chinese, there are many characters, and if put two or three different characters together then you will have different meaning. For example,今天 (jīntiān) means today, but a single has many meanings - modern,  present,  today and now.  A single means sky.  Another example, 电影 (dinyǐng) means movie, but means electricity,  影 means reflection shadow motion film. So a movie is an "electric shadow".


There are also many sentences that you can say when you talk with your friends.


 你好, 很  高兴       遇见   你。 最近       得  怎么样?

Nǐhǎo  hěn gāoxng   yjin nǐ.  Zujin      gu de zěnmeyng?

Hello,  very   glad     meet  you. Recently live GW  how?


 昨天      晚上          我    看    了     场       电影,     电影           精彩,    很 喜欢。
tiān   wǎnshng wǒ kn   le  chǎng dinyǐng, n  dinyǐng hěn jīngcǎi,  wǒ  hěn xǐhuān.

Yesterday evening  I watch  GW   MW  movie,   that  movie    very excellent. I   very like.




Sha Haiyan



 今天 看 了你和 RUTH 的博客,写得很精彩。 我也开始喜欢你们的小狗狗了。


你好,很高兴遇见你 。 最近过得怎么样?


 昨天晚上我看了场 电影,那电影 很精彩, 我很喜欢。


Dear David,
Last Friday you said something about global warming, in Chinese they are

全球         变暖

qunqi binnuǎn.


I have a long sentence  for you.


现在   森林   砍伐     严重,     导致      树木       减少,

xinzi  sēnln  kǎnf   ynzhng,  dǎozh     shm      jiǎnshǎo,

Nowadays   forest    chop down  seriously,      lead  to   trees    decrease



吸收的    二氧 化碳  越来越    少;      经济  发展

xīshōude ryǎnghutn yuliyu shǎo           jīngj  fāzhǎn

Absorb GW  carbon dioxide  less and less,   economic  develop  



加快,                        工厂变多, 排出 的      二氧化碳

jiākui,                 gōngchǎng   bin duō, pichū de ryǎnghutn

become faster,    factories   become more   discharge GW  carbon dioxide



越来越 多 。       所以 空气 中     的   二 氧 化 碳

yuliyu duō)。    suǒyǐ kōngq zhōng  de   r yǎng hu tn

more and more.      So     air among GW corbon dioxide



也 变 多,           加 剧 全   球 变 暖。

yě bin duō,           jiā  j qun qi bin nuǎn。

too  become more,  aggravate  global   warming




Here, 空气中的二氧化碳   (kōngq zhōng de r yǎng hu tn)  means the carbon dioxide in the air.



Perhaps it is too long,  but I think you can understand it .  Don't you ?







全球 变暖


现在 森林 砍伐 严重,导致树木减少,吸收的二氧化碳越来越少 ;经济发展

加快,工厂变多,排出 的二氧化碳越来越多 。所以空气中的二氧化 碳也变多,加剧全   球 变 暖。


Dear David,
Last week I went to Suzhou and lost my way. But I made it at last because I asked someone.
I think there will be sometime you will need these phrases.
 对不起, 请问        某某    地方        走?

du b qǐ,  qǐng wn  qǜ   mǒumǒu  dfāng     zěn  me  zǒu?

Im sorry, please ask go somewhere  how  walk? (Excuse me,  a question please - how do I get to....)



你一直    前 走,看到  一家  饭店      左 拐,

Nǐ  yī  zh  wǎng qin zǒu,  kn do yī jiā    fn din hu xing zuǒ guǎi,

You always forward go ,see one hotel after turn left,  (Go straight and turn left after the first hotel.)


差不多     十分钟   左右,你 就 会 看到 你 要 找  的 地方。

Ch b duō gu  sh fēn zhōng zuǒ yu, nǐ  ji   hu   kn do nǐ  yo zhǎo de  d fāng.

       About   let  ten minutes around,  you can see you want look GW place. ( After about ten minutes you'll see the place.)



I hope these can help you when you go to some places you are not familiar with .



Yours ,



Labels Contributed by 翟震 Zhai Zhen

Note:  because of screen resolution and graphic quality,  many of the lines may be missing in these Chinese characters.   Simply increase you magnification in Internet Explorer to 150% (or more as necessary)  to see them all.  You'll find the zoom setting at the bottom right  hand corner of your Internet Explorer window.


Dear David,
Hello!  Here's a dialogue for you:

露丝: 上     周六   你们  计划    野餐  吗?

lsī:  shng zhōuliǜ nǐmen n  jhu  q   yěcān le ma?

Ruth: Last Saturday you as  plan go picnicking GW GW ?



爱丽丝:   没有,我们   刚要    出发     下起   倾盆   大雨;

ilsī:        miyǒu,   wǒmēn gāngyo chūfā   ji   xiqǐ  qīngpn dyǔ:

Alice:         No,          we      start      set off  began rain heavily:


 我们   希望  今天     去,   又  阻止  我们;

Wǒmēn xīwn jīntiān nngq,    dnyǔ yu zǔzhǐ  le wǒmen.

We hope today able go,  unless again prevent GW us.



露丝:太 遗憾  了!你们   愿意  明天      我们   一起 吗?

lsī:       ti yhn le!    nǐmen yuny  mngtiān tng wǒmen yīqǐ  q ma?

Ruth:      Very pity GW!   you want tomorrow and  us   together go Gw?


爱丽丝:愿意,      一定        愉快 的。

ilsī:        yuny,   wǒ xiǎng yīdng   hu hěn ykui de.

Alice:         Want,    I   think  sure will very happy GW.


露丝: 肯定 的。

lsī:        kěndng de.

Ruth:  Sure GW.

Here's some more body parts.  Again,  if the characters aren't clear use your zoom field at the bottom right corner of Internet Explorer to enlarge the graphic on your monitor.

And here's a game to play once you have learned the names and characters for the body parts.

For the past couple of weeks I've been enjoying some great Chinese language lessons online.  They are produced by Serge Melnyk.  The audio recordings are free.  You can get worksheets and study material from his website at a reasonable price.
These are wonderful lessons.  Each one is clear and well paced.  Ruth and I particularly like Serge's structure,  where he repeats the words in Chinese and then in English several times,  with pauses to allow us to imitate him.  We also like the way he adds in new words,  with repetition,  and the way his lessons build from very simple statements to more complex conversations.  Best of all we like the way he does the conversations slowly,  with English translations,  and then at native speaker speed.  These are,  beyond a doubt,  the very best audio Chinese lessons I have ever heard. 
Check them out at Serge Melnyk's website: http://www.melnyks.com

Note:  this site has recently been revised.  The audio lessons are no longer available for free and the site doesn't seem to work very well at all.



lǎo yǒu chng fng

Old friends again meet

Meeting old friends


许多人  他们 久 别 重 逢 之 时 常 会 握 手.

xǔ duō rn zi    tāmen   jiǔ   bi chng fng zhī sh   chng hu w shǒu

Many people CONJ them  IDIOM  time  often will shake hands.

Many people shake hands when meeting after they havn't seen each other for a long time.

In this sentense, (zi) means when。  
It is a conjective, but when's exact meaning is:
当时候 dāng.....shhu. (when)

久别重逢 (jiǔ bi chng fng) is an idiom. It means meet again after a long time.


 1. A: 好 长 时 间 没有见你了,你去哪儿了

       wǒ   hǎo  chng sh  jiān mi yǒu jin nǐ le, nǐ q nǎ er le?

       I  very long time  not see you GW,you go where GW?

A I haven't seen you for ages. Where have you been?


B:  我 上 个 月 去 了 加利福尼亚

    wǒ   shng g yu   q le    jiā l f n y.

     I  last month  go GW california.

 B I've been in California for the past month.


 A:太棒了. 你 什么时候 回来的?

    ti bng le, nǐ shn me sh hu hu li de?

   Very good GW.you when time come back?

A How nice. When did have you come back?


B: 我 昨天 回来的. 换工作了吗 ?

   wǒ zu tiān hu li de. nǐ hun gōng zu le ma?

   I yesterday come back GW. you change work GW ?

B I got back yesterday.Have you changed jobs


A:没有, 现在 必须 看我姨妈了.我以后会拜访你的.

   mi yǒu. wǒ xin zi bxū     q    kn wǒ y mā le.   wǒ yǐ hu hu bi fǎng nǐde.

No  I now must go see my aunt GW. I later will call on you GW.     

A No.I must go to see my aunt.I will call on you later.


B:好的. 再见

  hǎo de.    zi jin.

   Ok . goodbye.

B:  Ok, see you. 

Sept. 1/07 The Job Interview: Sha Haihan took this time off from her summer vacation to send me this lesson: 



wn: nǐ xn zhǎo de sh shn me yng de jī hu

Qyou find is what opportunity?
Q:What kind of opportunities are you looking for?


答:我                          作的公司。

 dwǒ xī wng zhǎo do nng rn tng bng chu lo  xīn qn gōng zu de

        gōng sī
A:  I hope find can recognize and reward hard working company.  

A:I am looking for a company who recognizes and rewards hard work.


问:                         么?

wnnǐ zi gōng zu shng qǔ d de zu d chng ji sh shn me

Q: you in work accomplish biggist success is what?
Q:what is your biggest accomplishment on the job?

答:我                神。

dwǒ rn wi sh wǒ zi tng sh zhī jiān jin l qǐ le tun du jīng shn

A: I think is I among co-workers build team spirit.
A:I think it would have to be building team spirit among my co-workers.


问:                 ?

 wnnǐ wi shn me xiǎng jiā r wǒ men gōng sī ?

Q:you why want join our company?
Q:Why do you want to be a part of our organization?

答:我                      利。
dwǒ   de jiā r    du shuāng fāng dōu yǒu l
A: my join mutual all beneficial.
A: I think it will be a mutually beneficial relationship.


cng xi lng yng hu li

(Back from Summer Camp)

 A:       ?我                   夏令营回来
   nǐ zhī do ma
wǒ gāng cng y g fēi chng b cu de xi lng yng hu li
  You know what? I've just  come  a    wonderful     not bad summer camp returned.

   sh ma
ni q nǎ er le
   You have? You go where?

    ti shān

    Mount Tai.

    wǒ yě q gu n er

    I also go in past there.

         中国                 漂亮的      山之一
     tā sh zhōng gu zu pioliang de shān zhī yi

     It's one China  most beautiful mountains.

     那儿                  史古迹
     n er yǒu hěn duō jǐng diǎn h  l shǐ gǔ j

    there're have scenic spots and  historical places.

    liǎng nin qin

    Two years ago

dāng wǒ q jn x xu sh kǎo ch de sh hu
    when I go doing academic research time

 wǒ  bi  tā   de  z rn měi jǐng shē shēn xī yǐn le
      I    was  its     natural  beauty     deeply  impressed

B:  I've been there too. It's one of China's most beautiful mountains.
     There're many scenic spots and places of historical interest. I was
      greatly impressed by its natural beauty when I took a study tour there
      two years ago.

    tā zhēn de sh y g fēi chng pio liang de lǚ yu shng d

    It really is a very beautiful tourist attraction.

   但是我们去是以野营者的 身份去的
   dn sh wǒmen q sh yǐ yě yng zhě de

    But         we    went there as campers,

     b sh yu k ā

     not as tourists.

             我们     当地的
    zh sh yu wǒmen dāng d de
     This is  by   our  local
      区委    员会       学术  计划。
     sh qū wěi yun hu zǔ zhī de xu sh j hu
    neighbourhood committee organized academic plan.
A: It really is a very beautiful tourist attraction. But we went there
as campers, not as tourists. It was a study program organized by our
local community committee.

   dāng nǐ men q n er de sh hu n er hi yǒu q tā de yě yng xiǎo zǔ ma

  When you go there time there still have          other camping groups QW?
  zh  do wǒ men do le shān jiǎo xi de sh hu ci y do

 Until we  we reach mountain foot time meet.

   dn sh hěn kui ji yǒu hěn duō li z q tā chng sh de xiāng tng de yě yng
     组加   入我    
    xiǎo  zǔ jiā r wǒ men

   But soon there are many from other cities same camping group join us.

   dāng wǒmen do d yng d de sh hu

   When we reach camp site time.

   y m yǐ jīng lu xi

   the view of evening have already fallen down. 

  我  们  很  开  心 的 看    昨 天    就 已 经   到 达  那 里 的
  wǒ men hěn kāi xīn de kn do zu tiān ji yǐ jīng do d n li de
We very       happy      GW see    yesterday      have already arrived there GW

     者  在      旁  边   表 演。
  yě yng zhě zi gōu huǒ png biān biǎo yǎn
campers      by      campfire  nearby performance.

A: Not when we arrived at the foot of the mountain. But soon we were joined by many similar camping groups from other cities. By the time we arrived at the campsite, night had fallen.  We were so happy to see that the campers who arrived there the day before were giving a performance by the campfire

    nǐ rng wǒ xiǎng qǐ le wǒ qin y c de lǚ yu

    You remind me think of my last trip.

     wǒ zhēn xī wng zh c wǒ h nǐ men y qǐ q le

     I indeed wish at this time I and you together went.

     nǐ zi zh ge xi lng yng zhōng zu le xiē shn me

      You at this summer camp during  did what ?

hěn duō sh
     Oh, lots of things.

   d b fen de sh hu wǒmen yn jiū zh w

   Most of the time we studied botany,

      岩石, 昆虫。。。。
   ynsh, kūnchng
   rocks,  insects..

   xing zh yng de sh w

    like   these   things.

     wǒ men wn d yě hěn kāi xīn
      We play also very happy

     t b lǚ xng
      walking tour,

      p shān
      climbing mountains

    pāi zho
     taking pictures..

A: Oh, lots of things. Most of the time we studied plants, rocks,
insects.. things like that. We also had lots of fun, hiking, climbing
mountains, taking pictures..

     wǒ xiǎng nǐ gu zhe y g z rn kē xu jiā de shēng hu

       I guess you have MW natural scientist life.

     tng yng yě sh y g yn dng yun

    the same also is  a       athlete.

 B:                                    历。
    liǎng nin qin de xi tiān wǒ yě yǒu gu xiāng s de jīng l
   Two years ago    summer I also had the same experiences.

     wǒ j de wǒ men de xi lng yng bi fēn zuo

      I remember our  summer camp divided into groups

    wǒ men chēng zhī wi
    We      call         them

    "      "
   "xng q xiǎo zǔ"

   " hobby groups"

   l r
   such as 

  yīn yu xiǎo zǔ

  the music group

   x j xiǎo zǔ

   the drama group

    h fēi jī   chun zhī   m xng xiǎo zǔ

  and   airplane  ship      model groups.

                      和爱     工作
  yǒu xiāng tng xng q h i ho de r y
qǐ gōng zu
 Have similar interest and hobby  person together work.

nǐ n xu sh j hu zhōng yǒu xng q xi
ǎo zǔ ma
You that academic program have interest group QW?

B: I had a similar experience during the summer two years ago. I
remember my summer camp was subdivided into what we called " hobby
groups" , such as the music group, the drama group, and the model
aircraft and ship groups. People sharing similar interests and hobbies
worked together. Were there any hobby groups in your program?



    dāng rn

    of course

      wǒ men yǒu yī xiē xng q xiǎo zǔ

      We      had some interest group for

     gēn j yě yng zhě b tng de xng q
i hǎo
      according to campers different interest hobbies

      wǒ men chēng zhī wi
       We called them

        "        "
      "xing m xiǎo zǔ"

       "project groups"

             每个     小组                  
      yīn wi měi g xiǎo zǔ dōu yn jiū    yī  g t dng de xing m

       Because each group all have research a undecided project.

     zi xing m de ji wěi
měi g xiǎo zǔ jiāng tā men  de
         at project's end            each group   (Helping verb)  their

    chng gu
ǒ zhǎn xin  gěi suǒ yǒu de yě yng zhě
         result     shown      give all the campers

       y xiē zu     kǒu tu bo go

        some did      oral report

      y xiē zhǎn sh zhǎn pǐn

       some exhibited some things

     hi yǒu de shng ti biǎo yǎn ji m

      others put up stage  put on performance

A: Yes, of course. We had a number of hobby groups for campers with
varied interests. We called them "project groups" because each group
worked on a particular project. At the completion of their projects,
each group presented their "fruits" to all the campers. Some gave oral
reports, some staged an exhibition, and others put on a performance.

    nǐ de zh ge shǔ ji gu d ti  jīng cǎ le

   Your this  holiday played too wonderful   

nǐ de g sh di hu le wǒ z jǐ yě yng jīng l de měi hǎo huy

 Your story brought back my own camp experience wonderful memory 

 You had a marvelous time this summer! Your story has really brought
 back happy memories of my own camping experience.



ǒ de din nǎo gǎn rǎn bng d le
My computer infect virus


B:                            了。
ǐ nng bāng wǒ g mng ma wǒ de din nǎo b yn zu le
     you can help me a help?                  My  computer  not  work 

     Can you help me.  My computer is not working

ěn me le

       whats wrong?

B:我                了。      一下    
ǒ xiǎng tā gǎn rǎn bng d lenǐ nng xiū y xi ma
      :I     think    it  infect      virus        you can      mend    ?

       I think it has a virus.  Can you fix it?

       zěn yng gǎn rǎn shng bng d de
       how           infect             virus       ?

       How did you get it?

ěn dng sh zi wǒ bǎ  wǒ de qū dng q chā r jio sh de din nǎo de sh h
      must      is at I  put my        drive         into    classroom    computer  when

ǎn rǎn shng bng d de
         infect             virus.

 :.     It must have picked up the virus  when I plugged my flash drive into the classroom

ǐ sh zěn me zhī do zh sh yī g bng d de
       you  are how  know  this is  a  virus?

       How do you know it's a virus? 

B:                                           好。
i wǒ q jio sh zhī qin wǒ de din nǎo y zh gōng zu d hěn hǎo
      I went to  classroom before     my     computer      always    work      perfect.

      My computer was working perfectly before I went to class.   

n zi wǒ dōu b nng kāi jī le
         Now       I    emphasis not able start   it.

         Now I can't get it to boot  (start).

ǐ nng yng ān qun m sh qǐ dng ma
        you  can use     safe        mode    open?

       Can you open it in safe mode?

 B:  试。 的。   了。
ǒ li sh sh sh de xin zi dǎ kāi le
      I   will try.             Yes         now        open.   

      I'll try that.  Yes.  Now it is opening? 

n sh xin zi wǒ nng zu shn me ne
      But          now      I     can    do  what?

       But now what should I do?

A:你 吗?
ǐ yǒu shā d ruǎn jin ma
       you  have   anti-virus   software?

       Do you have anti-virus software?

 B     没有。
       mi yǒu
       Not have.


 A:    载。
      nǐ   kě yǐ cng wǎng shng xi zǎi
      you   can     from    Internet  download.

     You can download it from the Internet. 

        Internet Explorer,         它。
ǎ kāi Internet Explorerwǒ hu  wi nǐ zhǎo do tā。
      Open Internet Explorer.    I  will   for you   find it.    

       Just open Internet Explorer and I will find it for you. 

        GOOGLE          载。
i GOOGLE shng sōusuǒ yxi shā d ruǎn jin xi zǎi
       In    Google               search            anti-virus software  download.

      Just do a Google search for "anti-virus downloads".

B: Internet Explorer      开。
   Internet Explorer b nng dǎ kāi
   Internet Explorer cannot    open.

    Internet Explorer won't open.

A:  哦,不!   了!
bzh ti zāo gāo 了!
     oh, no !       is very   bad!

       wǒ men bxū chng zǔ nǐ de qū dng q
       We have to  reformat     your     drive,   

ng zhuāng yn zu xtǒng h nǐ de suǒ yǒu chng x
       re-install      operating system and your all programmes.    

        Oh no.  This is terrible.  We may have to reformat your drive and re-install your
       operating system and all your programs..

 B:              了。
xū yo ti chng sh jiān le
     this   need    very long     time.

      That will take forever. 

 A;  不,不   要。       在一             的时  好。
b xū yowǒ nng zi yī xiǎo sh hu zhě ch bu duō de sh jiān lǐ ji zu hǎo
      no ,not   need.       I   can    in  one        hour    or       so                 time          do it .  

      No it won't.  I should be able to do it in an hour or so.

B:                  丢失       所有        笔记, 音乐,图像和    
n sh wǒ jiāng diūshī wǒ suǒyǒu de k tng bǐjyīnyut xing h
:        but       I     will    lose    my    all         classnotes,    music, pictures   and 

       家庭 作业。
ā tng zu y

        But I'll lose all my class notes,  my music,  my pictures,  and my assignments.

A:          备份?
      nn do nǐ miyǒu bǎ zhxiē dōu bifn
      you   do not   get   these     all      back up.  

     经常 重要 文件 程序   备份。
ǐ  b xū jīng chng bǎ zhng yo de wnjin h chngx bifn
     You  need    always   get   important  documents and  programmes back up.

      Didn't you back up any of that stuff.  You should always back up important  
      documents  and programs.

 B:                                   的。
      zi zh xiē sh shng wǒ tōng chng dōu sh hěn shǎ de
:      in    these  things           I   always     all  am   very stupid.

       I'm such a moron when it comes to this kind of thing.

 A:  嘿, 等。
ēiděng yī děng
     Hey,      wait   wait .

      可以 电脑 得到  软件。
ǒ kěyǐ  cng wǒ dinnǎo shng ddo shā d ruǎn jin
      I   can    from my  computer    get  anti.virus software.

      (U ) 里,
     wǒ jiāng bǎ tā kǎo do wǒ de qūdngq lǐ
        I      will      have   it put into my  drive (U pn) inside,

nhu zǎi r   nǐ de x tǒng lǐ min
     then     load  into     your   system.

     Hey,  wait a minute.  I can get anti-virus software from my computer.  I'll put it on
     my flash drive and load it into your system.

B:  了。         间。
i hǎo lezh jiāng hu ji yuē wǒ hěn duō shjiān
      very  good.    This  will      save    me  a lot of     time.

       Wonderful.  That would save my life.

 NOTE:  Chinese equivalents to "That would save my life."

zhēn sh xuě zhōng sng tn ā!
This really is snow middle give coal.

zhēn de ji wǒ y shuǐ shēn huǒ r zhī zhōng ā!
This really save me  water deep fire hot middle.

ě zhōng sng tn and shuǐ shēn huǒ r

"Snow middle give coal" and "Water deep fire hot" are both Chinese idioms meaning help when I am in serious trouble.



hěn nn fēn shǒu
Very   hard breakup
Breaking up is Hard to Do


Michelle:                           了。
        wǒ xiǎng wǒ jiāng yǔ wǒ nn yǒu fēn shǒu le.    
                 I  think    I    will  with my  BF     breakup.
                I think I'm going to break up with my boyfriend.

Catherine:       吗?      MIKE            啊。
                   zhēn de ma dn sh MIKE   hěn shui q de ā
                   Really?            But         Mike   very   handsome.
                    Really?           But Mike is so cute. 

Michelle:  的。 自己也 道,
                 sh de r qiě tā  z jǐ yě zhī do
                 Yes.     And  he himself  also know.

                tā jīng chng kāi xīn de  go s nǐ  tā chng d yǒu duō shui q
                He always          happily     tell   you  he grow    how handsome.               

                 tā  rn wi   tā sh  yǔ  zhu de   zhōng xīn
                 He  think        he     is   universal     center.

                 sh shng dc gěi nǚ rn  de lǐ w
                 Is    god        give  woman     gift.

                   Yes, and he knows it.  Hes always happy to tell you how good
                  looking he is. 
                  He thinks he's the center of the universe and God's gift to women.

Catherine:                  了。
                 zh tīng qǐ li   nǐ shn zh   dōu b xǐ huan tā le
                  this  sound       you       even         not like    him.
                  This sounds like you don't even like him.

Michelle:    了。这 的。
                 wǒ b zi i tā le zh sh kěn dng de
                  I   not again love him.   This is positive.
                  I'm not in love with him anymore.  That's for sure. 

                 tā de xng wi jǔ zhǐ hěn zāo gāo
                 His  behavior manners   very bad.            

                qin tiān        zi cān guǎn    tā  jng rn cho d shng tǔ tn
                The other day in restaurant   he     even      to   floor on spat.

                His manners are terrible.  The other day he spat on the floor in a restauran.

Catherine:   哦。是               受。
                    sh rng rn b nng jiē shu
                   Oooh.  Is let  people cannot  accept.

                    Oooh.  Gross.

Michelle:     烟。
                 r qiě tā hi xī yān
                 And  he even smokes.
                 And he's a smoker.            

                 yǒu sh tā hi yǒu kǒu chu
                  Sometimes he has mouth ugly. 

                   吻                     缸。
                   wěn tā ji xing tiǎn yān huī gāng
                   Kiss he just  like      lick     ashtray.

                  His breath smells horrible sometimes.    Kissing him is like licking an ashtray.

Catherine:  几乎               烟。
                    jī hū suǒ yǒu de nn hi zǐ dōu xī yān
                   almost all             boys             smoke

                    děng nǐ ji hūn hu nǐ b xū rng tā men ji yān
                  Wait you marry after you must   let  them give up smoking.

 :                  Just about all the boy smoke.  You have to get them to stop after you get married.

Michelle:                        的。

                 hǎo xing zhēn hu fā shēng sh de
                 Seem      really will happen   seem.

                 wǒ bin chng lo dao de  qī  zi hu
                 I    become   nagging  wife     after.

               tā ji gng yǒu ji kǒu q zhǎo wi y le
               He will even have excuse go find mistress.

                Like that's going to happen.  I'd just become a nagging wife, and he'd have  
               an excuse to go find a mistress.

 Catherine:         MIKE             吗?
                   nǐ sh zhe h  MIKE tn gu zh xiē sh ma
                   you  try    and  Mike     talks  these things?

                  Have you tried talking to Mike about these things?

Michelle:          一次  里的 候,
                  wǒ zuhu y c q tā  n li de shhu
                  I   last  time once  go his  there   when

                 tā  y zh zi dǎ yu x
                 He always is playing games.

                  tā duwǒ shuōde hu ydiǎn dōu b  gǎn xng q
                  He in   my      words     little    all not interested.

                  tā duxu x  ydiǎn   dōu b yn s
                  He about study    little  all   not serious.

                  wǒ rn wi tā  mi yǒu shn me hǎo de wi li de
                  I     think     he  not have  what    good   future.

                 The last time I went to see him he spent the whole time I was there playing
                 computer games.  He's not interested in what I have to say.  He isn't serious
                  about studying,   and I don't think he has much of a future.

Catherine:        绩一直 啊!
                  dn tāde chng jyzhb cu ā!
                  But his    mark  always not bad!       

                  tā gěi    wǒ kn gu  tā de qī zhōng bo go
                  He gave me look       his   term  last   report.

                  He still gets good marks.  He showed me his last report.

Michelle:                           了。
                 n sh yīn wi   tā zi kǎo sh zhōng  zu b le.
                   That is because  he   in exam      in   cheat   

                          JIM     文。
                    tā rng JIM  t tā  xiě ln wn
.                   he  let    Jim  replace him write paper.

                    tā y diǎn dōu b chng sh
                    He    little        all    not honest.

                     r qiě mi yǒu xing xīn zhung zh
                    And       not       have   ambition.

                  That's because he cheats on the exams and gets Jim to write his essays for him.                    He really has no integrity at all.  And no ambition.

Catherine:                         好。
                  zh tīng qǐ li  s hū mi yǒu tā  nǐ hugu de gng hǎo
                  This sound  seems not have him you will live much better.

                   r guǒ nǐ xiǎng zhǎo g nn yǒu de hu
                   If  you want find a       boyfriend   ,

                           的男 ,
                   n er yǒu hěn duōde nn hi zǐ,
                   here     have many           boys

                  r qiě nǐ  shg pio liang de nǚ hi
                  And    you   are   a    beautiful          girl.

                   It does sound like you will be better off without him. 
                  There are lots of  boys here if you want a new boyfriend. 
                   And you're a good looking girl.

Michelle:                               友。
                 wǒ shn zh b zhī do wǒ shfǒu xiǎng yo g nn yǒu
                 I         even    do not know I  whether or not want have a boyfriend.

                zh yo lng fi hěn duō de sh jiān
                 This need waste  much             time.

               wǒ xiǎng zhuān xīn xu xzhdo by
                I      want   absorbed study  till   graduate.

                  I'm not even sure I want a boyfriend.
                 They take so much time.  I want to concentrate on my studies until I graduate.

                      n nǐ shn me shhu go s  tā ne
                       then   you   what times    tell   him?

                      When will you tell him?

                hu hǔ wǒ jiāng zhǐshb  jiē tā de din hu
                Maybe I     will    just   not have his telephone.

                 y dun sh jiān b jin tā。
               a while  times   not meet him.

               Maybe I'll just avoid his phone calls and not see him for a while. 

Catherine:                      吗?
                    nǐ zh yng nng hěn hǎo djiě ju wn tma
                     You this   can    very good  solve  problems?   

                      nǐ yīng gāi chng sh d xing tā shuō chū nǐ de gǎn shu
                     You should honest       face          he says out   your   feelings.

                     Wouldn't it be better to get it over with. 
                     Just be honest with him about your feelings.

                   tā huhěn shēng qde
                   he     will very angry.  

                   wǒ p tā hu dǎ wǒ。
                    I afraid he will beat me.

                   He gets so angry.  I'm afraid he will hit me.

                   dāng nǐ h tā shuō de sh hu wǒ hu h nǐziyqǐde
                   when you and him say  when     I     will and you in together.

                   I could be with you when you break it to him.

Michelle:  M:我              
                         wǒ men liǎng g dū hubi tā dǎ de
                          We       two   all  will be him   beaten.   

                          b, wǒ huduǒ zhe tā de
                          No,  I   will    hide    him

                          tā  hu shōu do xn xīde
.                         He   will    receive   message.

                          He might hit both of us.  No.  I'll just avoid him. 
                          He'll get the message.

Catherine:         JIM
                    hu xǔ nǐ kě yǐgo s JIM nǐde xiǎng fǎ,
                   Maybe   you could   tell     JIM   your     ideas

                   JIM  sh tā zu hǎo de png yǒu
                   JIM is his   best      friend.       

                  tā kě   yǐ t nǐzhuǎn go xiāo xī。
                   He can replace you turn tell message. 

                 Maybe you should tell Jim how you feel.  Jim's his best friend. 
                 He could pass on the message.

                 hǎo zhǔ y
                 good idea.          

                 zh yng huyǒu yng de
                 This  will have effect.

                  Great idea.  That will work.


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