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David James Scott
Teacher of English

Apartment 202,  Teacher’s Apartment Building 4
Jiangnan University
1800 Lihu Blvd,
Wuxi,  Jiangsu Province,
China 214122

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  1. Hey David,

    Heard from a little birdy that it’s your birthday today. So, Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day. See you next time you make it home to BC.


  2. Dear David, have never met you, only heard of you through Ruths wonderful missives, one of which I just received yesterday (how she found me in my new job, i’ll never know). She included links to your blog – and how glad i am that I came for a quick tour! Hope to have a chance to meet you someday upon your return to Canada. cmb

    • Thanks, Urbain. But no, I don’t live in China now. Ruth and I returned to Canada last year and now live in Nanaimo, B.C., a beautiful city on the ocean. I miss my friends in China, and hope to return for a visit soon.

  3. Hello, I was searching for violin shops in Shanghai and saw your post about buying a matching violin and viola… I will be in Shanghai for a few days next week, so I jsut wondered if you could tell me where the shop is and what sort of price you have ? I’m looking for a cheap instrument to use for outdoor gigs, travelling etc, that is still decent quality. Many thanks, Cath

    • Thanks for contacting me.
      I assume the shop is still there, but it’s been about four years since I visited it. have a card from the store but it’s in Chinese, with that cool old style characters for his name that are impossible to read. I think the violin maker’s family name is 石 (Shi) but I just can’t make out the other characters.

      The shop is a tiny hole in the wall a few doors off the main music street. There is an upscale store is at 金陵东路 268 号 (268 Jinling Dong Lu) which I think is where the son works selling instruments, though the last time I visited them the son was working with his father. The father, and master violin maker, has a tiny workshop around the corner and a few doors back toward NanJing Lu, the big pedestrian street. If you leave Jinling Dong Lu on 福建南路 (Fujian Nan Lu) and walk a few doors , the little shop where he works will be on the right hand side at 福建南路 97 号 (97 Fujian Nan Lu). There’s an outsized violin hanging outside his shop for a sign.

      Here’s a mobile phone number that might help you: 13901982050

      I don’t know of any other viola makers in Shanghai, but that main music street has lots of violin shops for you to investigate.

      You should be able to get a serviceable violin or viola for a couple of hundred dollars, and a very good one for under a thousand. But it’s been a few years since I checked the prices.

      Good luck

      David Scott

  4. Dear David,

    I search you from google to inquire about cultured cottage cheese in China. I read some articles here and know maybe you can help me in getting this organic cottage cheese in China. I need this to help my mum.

    If you know, please kindly send me an email.

    Thank you so much,

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