Crossing over to the New Blog

Chinese Word of the Day:  遣送回国
(qian3 song4 hui2 quo2 literally send deliver return country) repatriate

I’m now posting at so if you are curious about my continued existence, come and check it out. Please leave a comment if you do.  I always love to hear from you. – David Scott AKA Zale R. Dalen

5 thoughts on “Crossing over to the New Blog

  1. Hi dear David, how about everything in Canada? I hope you are enjoy a leisure life now.
    I stay long time abroad, and even did not get the chance to say goodbye when you leave China last year.
    Do you have an on-line chatting software? My skype account name is sven-taikaigroup

  2. Hi, David. How is everyting? I’m Clark Yao from International Office of Jiangnan Univeristy. we are appreciated that you had been work for Jiangnan for so many years and we’ve established relationship with you. We hope we can keep in touch and get your recent information about your work and life. In fact, your keep-upgrading-website is good resource for the students and had been vividly picutring your life in China and Jiangnan, which I think can be good a platform for more communication in the future given your website has many frequent viewers as far as I know. Also, wish you good luck in canada and all the best.

    • Clark Yao, how wonderful to hear from you. We are doing very well these days. Actually, we have found quite a few Chinese friends here in Nanaimo where we are living in Canada. We performed at two events here celebrating the Chinese New Year. We sang Gonxi Gongxi, and Ruth sang Yue Liang Dai Biao Wode Xin while I played the erhu.
      Ruth is tutoring and has had several Chinese students.
      Thanks for the kind words about my website. I haven’t been updating the new, Canadian, site lately but a long post is overdue, so I should get to it soon.
      I also hope we can keep in touch with our friends at Jiangnan University. We have such fond memories of our time there.

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