My New Chinese Teeth

Chinese Word of the Day: 假的
(jia3 de) bogus, ersatz, fake, phoney.

I think I was about twelve years old when I was riding my bike home from Boy Scouts into a nasty sleet storm.  I would look up to see where I was going, then put my head down again so that I could keep the sleet off my face while I peddled.  I looked up a second too late, went over the handle bars and found myself eating the ornamental trunk release on the back of a parked car.  That took a semi-circle out of my two front teeth.  Eventually I had them capped, and then capped again twenty years later.  Crowns only last so long.  Fortunately the technology keeps improving, and each new set of front teeth has been an improvement over the old set.

I got my new front crowns today.  My third set of fake teeth.  I didn’t really have to replace the ones I had.  They probably would have given me another few years.  But one of them was chipped, which made it look very real indeed, and both of them were old technology – porcelain on a stainless steel base.  My new caps are solid porcelain.  The thing that really caused the decision for me was the price.  These new teeth cost me 3,600 RMB ( $591.86 Canadian at today’s rate).  That’s the total for the pair of them.

Picture:  My new front teeth don't photograph well.  They seem to look better in real life.  Wuxi, China

-Ruth Anderson photo

I’ve been trying to figure out what these kinds of crowns would cost me back home, and I’m guessing they would cost at least $1,500 each, or more.  That means a person could cover the cost of tickets to China and a week in Wuxi, touring the area, and still spend less than they would spend on two new crowns back home.  More to the point, it meant I should get them replaced before I leave China.  Done.  Feeling good about the result.

Guo Wei has her own Website

Our friend Guo Wei (Sherry Guo) asked me if I could give her a website for English so she can post her pictures.  As luck would have it, the domain name was available and as part of my deal with Dreamhost, my service provider, I could register if for a year for free.  (That was a deal I was unaware of until I put in the order.  Gotta love Dearmhost.)

Guo Wei is just getting into playing with her new site.  Her first move was to give it a nice rosy pink look. That is so very Guo Wei.  You can check it out and say hi here.

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