Teaching Schedule

My teaching schedule second half of Spring Term, 2013 North American College of Jiangnan University

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  1. I found your story about the D-28 purchase after finding the picture of your “Western music wall” while searching for images about hanging stringed instruments.

    I was thinking of various symmetric ways to group my two guitars, mandolin, banjo, and fiddle and was searching for examples. After some bit of searching, and then a very short conversation with my wife who prefers asymmetry, I’m now looking for examples of asymmetric stringed instrument hanging.

    I think my answer will come from putting the hangars on wall studs, but paying scant attention to height. Since the hangars are instrument-specific, any further excessive organization will be (mostly) out of my hands.

    But my instruments will remain at hand and those that have been neglected will get (more or less) equal time.

    Oh, and living in a Nashville suburb, I am alas often the only one at a jam session who – when flat-picking my guitar – is not playing a Martin. Indeed, one of the joys of a Nashville jam is noting how many varieties of Martin are in the room. Taylor’s are not infrequent, and there is the occasional Gibson arch-top that I lust over.

    But now, as midnight approaches, I am tempted to visit e-Bay again to see what now constitutes a “reasonably priced” Martin.


    Ed Gregory
    Old Hickory, Tennessee

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