Update on Nurse Panda

Chinese Word of the Day:  帮助
(bang1 zhu4) help; assist; aid

Picture: Nurse Panda consults with doctors at Number 2 Hospital, Wuxi, ChinaAs anybody who has been following this site knows, we’ve been helping our young friend Panda Wang get her new business started.  Panda is setting herself up as an independent medical/dental liaison for foreigners.  She’s ideally suited for this kind of work.  She has a great personality, a good work ethic, excellent English, and most of all she genuinely cares about people and has a real talent for connecting at an emotional level.  I’d trust her with my life, and have on at least one occasion.

She’s been at it for two months now, and as a proof of concept she’s had three clients from our own school, and one client who picked up her brochure at the Blue Bar downtown.  But things have been slow getting started.  And then very recently she got called out to support a “foreign expert” (Every foreigner who works in China gets called a foreign expert by the Chinese government.  Quite flattering, really.) who needs to be hospitalized for several days.

That’s where she is now.  Her presence is a great comfort to our fellow ex-pat, and to his family back home.  I don’t mean to rejoice in anybody’s misfortune, but I’m very happy that Panda is seeing that people really value her services.   And they do.  I’ve heard nothing but raves from her clients.  They all tell me that she’s wonderful. (I know that, of course, but it’s always great to hear it from others.)

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