Who is David Scott

David Scott*,  the man in China

David Scott  is an experienced businessman with wide ranging  interests and a great depth of life experiences.  He’s been,  at various times,  president and CEO of a movie production company,  movie director,  website designer,  film and video editor,  television producer,   script writer,  owner and captain of a fifty foot offshore cruising sailboat,   coxswain of a Canadian Coastguard Auxiliary rescue boat,  father of three children (now adults),  musician,  violinist,  pianist,   trombonist,  guitarist,  singer,  voice-over narrator,  master of ceremonies for a musical variety show.  Currently on contract as a teacher at the Jiangnan Da Xue (Jiangnan University),  Wuxi,  China.**

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Services in China

*David Scott is known to the film industry as Zale R. Dalen
** Previous contracts in China at the Harbin Institute of Technology,  Weihai,  Shandong Province,  and at Shandong Electric Power International School,  Taian City,  Shandong Province.

4 thoughts on “Who is David Scott

  1. Hi, David, I’m Catherline. Do you remember me? I’m your student. I gratuated in 2010. My major is English. How time flies! Now I have married and I have had a lovely daughter. I miss all teachers in Jiangnan University. Happy Everyday!

    • Yes, I remember you Catherline. At least I remember your unusual name. Thanks for checking in and commenting. If you ever have a question about English, remember I’ll always be your teacher. Congratulations on having a daughter. I have two grand daughters now. Beautiful girls. Life is very good.

  2. Hi David, Nice to meet you. This is Lijuan, you can call me L J. I am from Suzhou which is just next to Wuxi. Right now, I live in Minnesota and work as a teacher too.I teach Mandarin and ESL in a high school. I found your website when I was looking for the English lyrics of “Tong Nian”. I love this song and I will play this song in Mandarin class tomorrow, hope they will like it as well. Thank you!

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