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Dai Mingxiu
Ruth Anderson Writing Class


Assignment 6:  Development by Space


The Family Kitchen

The family kitchen is a place in memory which makes me homesick.  The kitchen belongs to my family who live on the second floor of an old building.  The loud sound from TV programs, mixed with the families chatting and the clatter of ceramic bowls comes through the old wooden door of the kitchen.  It is accompanied by the unique aroma of food,  the smoky air of capsicum and all the familiar smells of home.  Inside the crowded kitchen there is a heap of sundries in a cabinet on the right. In the middle of the room is an old wooden table,  set with some dishes which have the inimitable taste of home cooking.  Around the table there are several wooden chairs.  The white and green painted walls of the room have been discolored,  but some of my boyish tumbling characters written in white paint are still clear.  A gray fan is fixed high on the wall opposite the door.  A built-in shelf is set in the same wall,  with many different transparent bottles of flavorings and a secondhand TV set on the upper shelf.  A classical TV show flickers on the TV screen.  To the left,  there stands a dark red timeworn cupboard.  A pile of dishes,  bowls and chopsticks which seem to have been washed just now are stacked in an orderly way.  In the corner, there is a counter where a white microwave oven,  two silver jugs and a simple gas-burner stay.  Vapor from the jug and the stockpot spreads all over the kitchen.  Every piece of my family kitchen is a trigger to bring my heart home.

(The boldface characters highlight a sentence which really impressed us as an evocative detail.)


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