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The Man in China Archive

These links take you to the complete chronological Man in China site archives.

Final Post with Old Format
June 20 to September 23, 2012

January 09 to May 20, 2012

July and August 2011
Summer with Panda in Canada

June 19, 2011
re-applying for Panda's visa to Canada

June 08, 2011
invitation to TEDxWuxi

June 02, 2011
Damn, Canada, showing the whip
stylish bug, Wuxi renewal

May 29,2011
medical all clear, whip finished
class presentations

May 19,2011
mnemonic yīng = baby, colonoscopy and MRI, bullwhip progress

December 04, 2010 to May 29, 2011

May to August 30, 2010

January 1 to April 20, 2010

September 1 to December 31, 2009

June 1 to August 28, 2009

April 1 to May 27, 2009

January 1 to March 31, 2009

October 1 to December 31, 2008

August 1 to September 30, 2008

May 1 to July 31,  2008

March 1 to April 30,  2008

January 1 February 29,  2008

October 1 to December 29,  2007

May 1 to Sept. 29, 2007

January 3 to April 24,  2007



These links take you to special interest articles and favourite discoveries.  

Summer of 2010 Our Wedding and Honeymoon

The best picture I ever took - dancers in performance

The Microwaved Water Weird Science Experiment
(one of my favourite posts)

Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) and Hong Cun (ancient village)

Reading Chinese Characters

Observations  and tips about learning Chinese

Shopping in China at a Supermarket

Living in China tips:
hanging things on concrete walls
unexpected dangers

Issues I Care About

Hobbies - the bullwhip projects

Amazing learning tool - the Map Game

Collected Word of the Day (worth browsing)

The Chinese National Anthem

Childhood (tng nin) A Chinese song that bridges cultures

Climb Crane Pavilion (dēng gun qu lu) poem

A Student Asks About Guns in America

The Chinglish Page - signs found in China

The Erhu Factory

Amazing Connectivity - Chinese comments in American newspapers.

Smoking in China

My Tantrum - Spitting the Dummy at My Class

Culture Shock and Adaptation - the Dish Rack Problem

Christmas in China

Our Annual Christmas Bursary - very rewarding

Getting a Chinese Driver's License

Schrdinger's Cat Made Politically Correct

Campus Bike Repair

Student Pronunciation Problems

Morality in Chinese Law - Nanjing Professor Jailed for Sex Parties

Cultural Relativism be Damned

Tricks and Techniques for Better Teaching

My Shanghai Violin and Viola 
- From the hands of a master craftsman

Things Fox News Doesn't Report

The Basis of Cultural Differences
-The First Words We Learned to Read

Adventures in Teaching English - motivation and emotion in learning.

Chinese is a Dangerous Language

Guānxi - Relationship in China

Sex Education in China

Chinese Hand Writing

Informal Student Opinion Polls
-what do Chinese university students really think

A Law Against Insulting Your Beliefs
-don't we have the right to insult people?

Buying a New Computer in China

Infant Male Circumcision
-how our culture looks from the outside

Seder in China
-we get all the cultures of the world here

The Cormorant Fisher
-Diverted by Birds



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